When We Depart

Within the space between me and you,

Only our words survive 

So I can tell my friends what you did wrong

And you can tell yours.

We can spill the secrets like dirt

Place bets to split the blame 

Because what proof is there of 

Love dissolving into thin air? 

What proof is there of two people 

Looking ahead,

Instead of looking at each other? 

When we divide,

We will create a mess.

So that after we’ve already decided which friends

You get to keep and which ones 

I get to keep,

You will find a single strand of hair 

In the pocket of some old jacket.

You might wonder if we split like amoeba, 

Retaining each other within ourselves 

Losing bits and pieces 

Here and there.

That maybe the resentment you will then have for me, 

Was my own creation.

I simply forgot to take it back from you. 


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