Random Access Memories (Daft Punk)

So the other day I saw a lot of tweets raving about ‘Get Lucky’ a new single by the French Electronic Music duo Daft Punk. I had listened to ‘Harder, Faster, Stronger’ before and was feeling adventurous, so I opened a new tab and listened to it on YouTube. I wasn’t disappointed, the song had a very funky and disco-ish feel to it and the lyrics were catchy. Pharell Williams’s cool laid back voice provides a perfect setting to the steady drum beat and electronic instruments wizardry that Daft Punk is so famous for. The song was encouraging and I downloaded the album soon.

Lasting for a total of 74 minutes, the album features 13 tracks. The track I was most impressed with was ‘Instant Crush’, sung by Julian Casablancas (former lead of ‘The Strokes’),the song is about a love triangle and expresses the guy’s take about their friendship gone wrong. I especially loved how they auto-tuned Casablancas’s voice, which made it sound very different.

‘Motherboard’ is an interesting instrumental track which is really groovy and grows on you with time. ‘Doin’ it Right’ is another song that I liked. It is very ‘electronic’ and features vocals by Panda Bear. ‘Fragments of Time’ features vocals by Todd Edwards which is unlike other songs from the album. It is clean and catchy and sounds like a recording for an advert or a sitcom. Other songs worth a mention are ‘Contact’, ‘The Game of Love’ and ‘Touch’.

Not everyone takes to Electronic Dance Music easily and I thought I was one of those people, however Random Access Memories left me wanting for more and I am surely checking out some of the other Daft Punk Albums.


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