With an endless music overflow, it has become exceedingly difficult to obtain good music as opposed to repetitive and unoriginal music. Amongst such times, Alt-J comes as a fresh albeit classic sound that will appeal to a lot of people who prefer alternative and psychedelic rock. This is an English indie rock band that was formed in 2007 and released their debut album An Awesome Wave in 2012 and this has been one of the most wholesome albums I have listened to. The album is named after the symbol delta, which can be typed on the Apple Mac OS by pressing alt + j. The band has also been called “Daljit Dhaliwal” and “Films”.

Alt-J has a sound that I hadn’t really explored before, and An Awesome Wave was a welcome surprise. The use of upbeat drumming and similar keyboard playing, but soulful vocals and really, really bizarre lyrics add to the fact that some of the band’s music is, in fact, psychedelic rock. The lyrics barely made sense to me initially, but eventually I realized they were ridden with too many metaphors and needed some analyzing, or they might actually be meaningless. Regardless, I do not think there a lot of lyrical value to the band’s songs, but it may be perceived as otherwise by lots of people who may listen to its music. What I really loved about the band were the vocals. The lead singer of the band has probably the newest way of singing. Forgive my illiteracy when it comes to describing music since I have no training whatsoever, but his suppressed singing is something that I had never heard before.

Nokia used one of their songs “Fitzpleasure” in the advertisement for Lumia 925 and the song got popular because of it. Another song “Breezeblocks” which has one of the most creative music videos I have seen, and the drumming in this particular song is exceptional. Other songs by this band that I would recommend are “Taro” (this song has a very obvious Indian element in it which I loved), and “Mathilda”. But I would suggest that the entire album An Awesome Wave needs to be given at least one listen.

So if you would like to explore a band that sticks to its psychedelic rock base but also provides a very innovative vocal handling and melody changes, then this is the band for you.


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