I found old erasers!

One of the best memories I have of school years was when the neighborhood grocery store decided to have a clearing sale because they were selling their store. They sold everything that had at prices extremely low, with products ranging from packed cakes to calculators. I remember going to the store thrice trying to see what it was I wanted to buy with the 20 odd rupees my mother had given me to spend. The food items, especially those ice candies in plastic tubes, ran out quickly, and so did the tennis balls. I think my brother bought a few of those. We always had an excess of tennis and rubber cricket balls around the house ever since.

I remember exactly what I bought however. It was a thing both me and my brother decided we wanted, although to reason out why would be a difficult task to accomplish. It was a box of erasers. These were no ordinary erasers. They were in a cylindrical Faber Castel box, and contained several Faber Castel erasers that I loved. Other than these, there were the best kind of erasers that a kid could hope to like. Several of them were in the shape and colour (but not the dimension) of footballs, deformed cows, and some other animal that I have yet to recognise. There were fishes and parakeets, and knew I was going to love it. We split the erasers between the two of us and we both got two or more of each kind. There was a particular type that existed in odd, and I remember somehow, that my brother decided to have it. Which was okay. He was too innocent, I thought to myself. He would forget about it soon, and I would sneak it away when I needed it. I knew he would lose the fascination for the pretty eraser, that I thought he only liked because I had wanted them so bad. That is the thing with siblings in general. We don’t really understand the real value of things; we only want them because our enemy does.

I still have that box. It now has other erasers I accumulated throughout the years, and they have all seen too many summers to not fuse together into a gooey, substance, even though some of them are still quite normal and alive. I retrieved four that were still in usable condition, and realised that I used less than there were in the box today. For some reason, that felt tragic to me.

Hence, I have decided to use them and gift them to my friends, hoping that they will not throw it away thinking that they were too immature for their taste. There are various choices available, and if you are not my friend, you can buy it from me at Rs. 1000 apiece.


2 thoughts on “I found old erasers!

  1. . There are various choices available, and if you are not my friend, you can buy it from me at Rs. 1000 apiece. What a styled comment…..! Pl keep it up

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