About Khatron ke Khiladi

I am not going to even try and defend myself about watching this show. What can I say? I love drama, and I am an above-average fan of Bigg Boss and shows like that. Which is why I watched one (or two) episodes of this show, Khatron ke Khiladi. The extremely tasteless humour (read Rohit Shetty) did not really appeal to me much, which is why I was about to watch something entirely different, but I watched the part of the show that I began to object to. This is why I also watched another episode of this show, that I really do not know how many people watch.

(Please ignore all the extremely annoying parts)

Because of slow internet, I cannot point out exactly (on the video) where my problem begins, but it is this episode that caught my attention. In the episode, for entertainment, a crocodile is ‘caged’ in a completely opaque enclosing, which is exactly the size of the crocodile itself. It tries to attack the participant, who very carefully enters from behind the crocodile, and cannot even turn its head around. Crocodiles are not animals that a lot of people empathize with, yes they are predators. They are extremely scary, and as a child, I refused to bathe in a bathing tub after watching Lake Placid for the first time. That is how scared I am of these beasts. But this kind of treatment got to me. It is not correct.

If this does not convince you, I have more. I could not find the YouTube video for particular episode, but this time it is the lion. The participants are supposedly to play Tug-o’-War with the lion. I only saw the promo, but the lion is fighting against a human. The end of the lion is tied up with some sort of meat, I think. I do not see how else the makers of that show have given a lion an incentive to pull at a rope. Lions are not inherently violent animals; they attack for food, and that is all that they care about. That and protecting their young ones and their pride, but you know where I am getting at. I wonder if the animals have been kept hungry so that they might behave this aggressively; it is certainly not their natural behavior to pull at a rope for fun.

Not just this, this particular show (and I suppose many others) have made use of snakes quite a bit, enclosing them in small containers for the purpose of entertainment. I understand that a snake is another reptile that never garners any empathy, but it does not take a lot of it to understand that maybe the snakes do not like it. I could not find much information regarding studies about how these ‘performing’ animals are kept and treated, and would love to find out. But until then, these show makers do not get a benefit of doubt because at face value, they are treating the animals far worse than any human would be treated.

I also found this. This lists the Act that responsible to overlook these animal related laws. I did not understand a lot of the procedures of these laws, and I certainly do not know if they have been followed by the show-makers of “Khatron ke khiladi” while making their show. If you read this now, and have any information or solutions, please contact me. It is absolutely essential that empathy begins with those upon which we humans have decided to exert control over.


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