Sara Bareilles

I generally listen to very different kind of music, and whatever sounds good to me (lyrically and musically) becomes a favourite regardless of what genre it belongs to. All various genres of music have something amazing to offer. I used to initially think that if nothing else, I will never like rap or hip-hop,  but that was just an immature listener thinking. The genre that  I am currently exploring is rap, and I have loved very little more than this. Good music listening to unbiased and will give everything at least one chance. Because of this, I have lots of artistes that are just guilty pleasures. Sara Bareilles, I thought was one such artist when I first fell in love with her most popular single “Love Song“. It had a poppy edge, not very strong lyrics, but overall the song was just really melodious and catchy. But I figured, maybe that was it. A lot of artists produce amazing songs for once, and then head over to trying to achieve that once more. That said, good music is defined very differently for everyone else, and this is just my opinion. For example, I listened to “The Reason” by Hoobastank years ago, and loved that song, but I am yet to find another Hoobastank song that I love.

Anyhow, Sara Bareilles has been nothing but amazing according to me. Her new album, The Blessed Unrest, looks extremely promising. Her piano playing is exquisite, as far as an untrained eye and ear goes, but her singing is what really made me like her. It is not unnecessarily loud and brandish, but she uses it to sing quirky, funky songs as well as calm ballad-like songs. I have always loved “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John, and it has always given me goose-bumps, but her cover of the song does a very good job of moving one. Of course, I didn’t think it was perfect, it is difficult to emulate artistes like Elton John, but she brought a really nice touch to the song with her singing.

Basically, a lot of her songs are worth listening to, and the simplicity of her lyrics is actually not off-putting even for someone who looks purposefully complicated lyrics. If nothing else, her music (and her videos) will definitely make you want to dance. Here is a song that I have been playing non-stop for a few days now. The song is called “Brave” and it is one of her new singles.

Some of the other songs of her that I love are: “Gravity“, “Manhattan” and “Gonna Get Over You“. Hope you like her!



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